Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitterati: Solange Mad At The Lack Of Attention Beyonce Received After Breaking Grammy Awards Record

Don't you just love twitter? I mean....I'm not crazy about it when people are posting random ish that is something about nothing, but I do heart the social network for getting people's true thoughts.

One of the celebs that is no stranger to expressing her true thoughts via twitter decided to vent her frustrations with the media not praising her sister,Beyonce, for setting a new record for the most awards received during the ceremony by a female artists.

"Im sorry but i'm having another kanye rant moment. My sister BROKE THE RECORD for the MOST GRAMMY'S IN ONE NIGHT BY ANY FEMALE," Solange tweeted Monday, February 1, night. "so why do i KEEP seeing "other artist" as the Nights "big winner"....(*kanye shrug here) ???? Wowzers 2 some responses. Good darnit......im glad folks agree. Ok. On to the next one:)"

Beyonce broke the record last night after she took home 6 awards. The record was originally set by Beyonce herself, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Norah Jones.

Because the Grammy's are so not the biz anymore, it is understandable how it could have been looked over. Everyone who is anyone knows that fans tune in now not to see who wins, but to see who performs.

Perhaps the media was so caught up over the fact that she finally acknowledged her husband...in public. She may not see the big deal in it but for many (who have questioned their relationship) were really taken aback by the PDA - which probably led to them completely forgetting that she shattered the record.

By the end of the day, who cares. Her knowing that she shattered the record adding yet another milestone to her amazing existence should have been enough to suffice.

They look for the media when they want praise and bash it and express their hate when they don't, some people.

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