Tuesday, February 2, 2010

M.Y. Recap: 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Please excuse my extreme tardiness when it comes to the recap of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. I spent the better half of Monday traveling and was so jet-lagged after 5 hours of non-stop plane hopping that I collapsed in bed when I got home only to awake this morning lol.

Between the fam and I wildin’ out for the majority of the award show, there wasn’t anything spectacular about the Grammy’s. I personally stopped caring about the award show a long time ago and more so look forward to the performances instead of the winners.

Lady Gaga opened the show with her musical of “Poker Face.” The singer performed with Elton John during the latter part of her performance.

The best performances would have to go to…

Maxwell. The singer performed his hit single “Pretty Wings” and dived right into a duet with legendary songstress Roberta Flack. The two sang her song “Where Is the Love” and it was beautiful.

I’m not sure if anyone else caught the theme of this year’s Grammy’s, but their slogan was “We’re All Fans.” Throughout the night, some artists performed with other artists that they admire as shown my Maxwell’s performance with Roberta Flack and Lady Gaga’s performance with Elton John.

The other performance that was one of the best performances came via Pink who went Cirque du Soleil, dipped in water mind you. The singer sported a nude cat suit with sparkles covering up her not-suitable-for-TV parts and swung high above the audience performing her song “Glitter in the Air.” Her performance was very captivating and left a lot of people in awe.

Beyonce performed her song “If I Were a Boy”, which was mashed-up with Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know.” I was honestly expecting more as her entrance was so dramatic it was as if we were about to be hit with that new-new. “If I Were a Boy” is so vintage, so 2008 in regards to the music scene; I was hoping that she would have performed her song “Sweet Dreams.” She hardly performs that song live and the last time she did at the MTV European Awards it sucked, sorry.

On a great note, Beyonce ended up setting a new record for the most Grammy awards taken home by a female artist when she took home 6 awards. The record was originally set by Lauryn Hill, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys and Beyonce herself taking home 5 awards in one night.

The Black Eyed Peas brought the house down with their performance. A lot of people wonder why they are successful. I believe it is largely impart due to their ear for creating memorable feel good songs.

Jaimie Foxx performed “Blame It” for the umpteenth time with T-Pain. Rock & Roll heavyweight Slash from Guns N’ Roses represented on the guitar as “Blame It” took on a more rock & roll feel.

Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem ended up closing out the show with Wayne and Eminem performing “Drop the World” and then switching gears into “Forever” all with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker killing it on the drums. Kanye West was noticeably absent.

I think this was Eminem’s first time at the Grammy’s! I could be wrong.

All in all the award show was ok at best. There were performances that were pretty good which made for a great night in music, some I could have definitely done without.

RandomBlurt: Were you as shocked and perplexed to see the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore on the red carpet?! That was worthy of two head shakes.

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