Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nelly Said 'I'm The Biggest Selling Rap Artist Of The Decade'

Really sir?

I have never really been a Nelly fan, even when he was Hip-Hop's golden ticket, making nursery rhymes into hits.

However, according to certain music authorities like Billboard and Nielson Soundscan, Nelly has done quite well for himself in regards to sales in the first half of the 2000's; unfortunately, Nelly is not clear on just how well he did.

In the video above, Nelly took to the stage to perform one of his hits "Hot in Herre" and decided to talk a little ish while he had the attention, probably a considerable amount of champagne in his system, oh and of course a mic.

According to Nelly, he is the "biggest selling rap artist of the decade." You could tell in the video, as those very words topple out of his mouth, he realized his error once they came to fruition.

I for one will not relish in the obvious because Nelly is as wrong as chinese slippers worn in a blizzard. I do recall seeing Eminem at the number 1 spot on Billboards artists of the Decade list and Nelly at number 3, but hey let that man live; we all need to have one of those moments where we stretch the truth just a bit.

SideBar: He did look fresh in his suit and shiny shoes, looked like they used MAC lip gloss to buff for shine.

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