Friday, January 22, 2010

Kanye West Banned From 'Hope For Haiti' Telethon, Does Paris Instead

As you know or need to know, Hope For Haiti (the telethon that is being hosted by actor George Clooney and Wyclef Jean to help benefit the relief of Haiti) is scheduled to air tonight on MTV as well as a list of other networks. 

Would you believe that there is already a little drama that's bubbling in the pot?

For some strange reason, they felt the need to announce that Kanye West is banned from the telethon given his lack of ability to behave himself in front of company...the company being us.

According to, George Clooney said that Kanye was not invited to take part in the network-wide telethon due to his past diarrhea-of-the-tongue actions such as his infamous blurt during the telethon for Hurricane Katrina as well as his kindergarten stunt at the VMA's.

MTV later released a statement denouncing Kanye's alleged ban by stating that Kanye was invited to participate but failed to say if he agreed or declined...maybe his invitation got lost in the mail or was shredded and never was sent *toddler shrug*.

I truly doubt that Kanye cares about being banned or asked not to show up. Granted his actions in the past were uncalled for, he really was saying things that a lot of us thought at some point.

Besides, with a telethon that is being held in an effort to send help Haiti's way, I'm sure Kanye would have conducted himself like

While George and crew were addressing Kanye's banning, Kanye was in Paris stunting with a new pair of shoes.

Some are getting at Kanye's choice of loafers (where are his socks?)I think they are kind of fly. Ms. Amber Rose on the other hand looks like she's missing some fabric on her dress. The Question: isn't it cold in Paris this time of year?

The answer: When you're rich, the only thing that gets cold is your cash.

Photo: NecoleBitchie

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