Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Amerie recently performed her song "Heard Em All" during a taping of Jimmy Kimmel live.

I think she did a great job, the song (which I didn't like at first) has really grown on me and I can tell that she has been working on perfecting her live performances which shows.

Not really understanding the horse hair jacket, but like Chris Brown says ,it's fashion so whatev.

By the way, I heard Amerie's new album In Love & War and the LP is hot. I wasn't really expecting to like it as much simply because I feel she needs to recapture her All I Have Days, but the album held up to the hype. Too bad it won't get its well earned shine. On the day of her album release, the execs at Def Jam were too busy promoting Rihanna to at least run a commercial promoting Amerie's album; whatever works.

SideBar: Amerie's In Love & War only sold 12, 421 copies in its first week landing it at number 46 on Billboards Hot 200 album chart.

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