Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remembering Tupac (1971-1996)

It almost slipped my mind today that this day marks the 13th year anniversary of Tupac Shakur's passing. With my head consumed with all the VMA coverage I have been swamped in, I had to pull myself away from the glitz to pay homage to Hip-Hop's most prized possession.

Despite what people's perceptions may be of Pac he was a very talented individual. His Gemini qualities allowed him to express his thoughts in a way that everyone could understand; his mutable trait would eventually lead to his downfall.

He didn't spend most of his career rapping about drugs, women, and money as people would like you to believe. Did you know that he did not rack up a criminal record until after he became a music artist? Pac attended a performance art school where he starred in school plays and he would later go on to dance alongside alternative rap group Digital Underground (the minds behind "Humpty Dance").

His music style was heavily influenced by his life's lessons which was a trait that allowed him to stand above the rest. To those who argue that Tupac was not an MC need to do extensive research before concurring. All of Pac's songs narrated untold stories. We all knew a Brenda in the early 90's but no one rapped about it until Pac.

Tupac will always be missed and his name will continue to remain synonymous with Hip-Hop. Thanks to his music and his unconditional love for music, we have an abundance of songs recorded by him. Through his songs he will forever live on in our hearts.

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