Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christina Milian & The Dream tie the knot in Vegas

The Dream and Christina Milian reportedly jumped the broom in Vegas in a shotgun wedding during the early morning hours last Friday at approximately 12:00AM, according to TMZ.

Their budget for the nuptials was a penny pinching $300; $200 for Christina's rental wedding dress, shoes, and veil and $100 for The Dream's rented tux that included shoes and a tie. Now, some may call it tacky but I call it efficient, times are noticeably hard and the wedding dress is only going to be worn once...right? I guess we can forget about pictures of the ceremony and the cake.

Worth mentioning, the two exchanged vows at the same Vegas chapel Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (the guy she quickly married and divorced even quicker) got married in.

Anyhow, the two filed for a marriage license earlier this month so a wedding was undoubtedly in the works; congratulations to them. Maybe we can get Christina's Elope on store shelves, there is still an M.Y. APB out on it.

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