Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trick Daddy is ready to discipline Rick Ross

Trick Daddy is preparing to take-off his belt for Rick and give him a spanking for misbehaving. Nothing kinky, just business. In case you missed it, Rick said a few out of pocket things about Trick Daddy on his song "Valley Of Death" *referring to Tricks illness as AIDS* that appears on his chart-topping album Deeper Than Rap. Trick, in short, is not having it any more.

In a recent interview with Angela Yee's Shade 45 satellite-radio show, Trick laid out his plan of how he is going to whip Rick into shape because and I quote "Rick start eating table food too fast" *I'll let that go because it is just too easy*,

"I got new rules. I'm going back to the old ass-whoopin' days. I'm gonna start beating my kid's ass.... I'd like to apologize for my kid's misbehaving in class. ... I let Ross start eating table food too fast. When you don't raise your kids, they will throw their hands up at you.... I was a big Ross fan," Trick told Yee. "If you check all my interviews, the Web, radio, I never dissed him ... I supported him." He went on to say the Bawse assassinated his character and that during a phone conversation with Rick about a month ago, Ross warned him he would be "taking shots" at him."
And do you know Rick had the nerve to let Trick know that he was going to take low-blows at him?! Polite or what....

"I said, 'What? Taking shots? While you're taking shots, what the f--- you think I'm gonna do?"
Rick has been popping off at the mouth lately strutting his ego on video cameras taunting folks, he really needs to humble up. How interesting is it that now the Southern rappers are beefing. Not too long ago they were ragging on East Coast rappers and their excessive beefing saying that the South would never be like that because they love and support one another. The brotherhood must've went sour somewhere down the line; unless of course the brotherly love was all a front from the start.

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