Friday, May 22, 2009

T.I. wants to appeal

T.I. is quite the determined character. According to All Hip, T.I. wants to appeal his prison location and get locked-up closer to home. As I reported on my column, T.I. is scheduled to start serving his time next week Tuesday (05.26) for his stint in buying illegal weapons in a Walmart parking lot (there is something about a Walmart parking lot that adds insult to injury). After entering a plea bargain after said incident, he was sentenced to completing 1000+ hours in community service and serving a year and a day in prison.

Well, Mr. Harris is still not OK with having to serve his time in Arkansas and has filed an appeal to be placed in a prison closer to home. Keep in mind that when they sentenced T.I. they did it under the pretence that he had a history of violence. This was of course prior to his hit reality scared-straight-show and all of the preaching he has been doing all over the country to inner city youths.

I understand where T.I. is coming from. He would like to be closer to home because then it wouldn't be so much of a hassle to see his children and mother of his kids whenever the time saw fit and if he were located far away from home, it would limit them visiting him ever so often. However, we can all agree that had it been anyone else who were arrested for purchasing illegal firearms after having a long criminal record and lacked the funds and celebrity of T.I., the law would have thrown the friggin book at them. Plus, they gave him a huge break. A year and a day is practically unheard of for someone to serve after committing a crime...for the upteenth time. Plus, it is being said that he will only serve 10 months of his sentence.

T.I. has been able to get his way thus far, maybe there really is no limit to his negotiating skills. I wish him good luck.

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