Saturday, May 23, 2009

M.Y. Saturday Night Live: Beyonce-Deja Vu

Here is a brand new installment. I believe in always keeping y'all guessing, making sure to come up with fresh new posts (in addition to keeping you informed with up to date news) to keep you entertained. With that said, this installment is called Saturday Night Live. Every Saturday I will post a video of your favorite artists performing your favorite songs live. First up is Beyonce, is there any wonder why?

Despite people's opinions about Beyonce you have to give her one thing, the girl can put on a good show. She knows how to keep the crowd going and to grab your attention. From the moment she belt's out her first note to when the lights go dim, for some reason you just can't keep your eyes off of her. Here is a video of her performing her hit song "Deja Vu" with Jay-Z at the 2006 BET Awards.

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