Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michelle Williams goes Broadway

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am actually liking the idea of R&B artists becoming Broadway stars. It has been reported that Michelle Williams will be starring on Broadway in the hit musical, Chicago. She will play Roxy Hart at the London Cambridge Theater from July 13th to August 22nd.

If you can remember, Michelle has done Broadway before starring as the titled role in Aida as well as starring in the Color Purple. Many would say poor Michelle, she has to find other means to make her money but let's not get it misconstrued, Broadway stars are well known and awarded; shall I remind you of the Tony Awards, which is like the theater version of the Oscars?

Plus, everyone has their callings. Michelle being a solo artist may not be what is laid out in her life's blueprint; and if it is true that other's are blocking her way to make something more of herself, their sabotaging ways will fall very soon.

Speaking of Broadway, Ashanti is also gearing up to take to the Broadway stage to star as Dorothy in the classic revival with a twist, The Wiz.

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