Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yummy Pics: Tupac Sighting?!

Do you see this sh*t?! There are a few sites on the internet that I actually despise and one of those sites is Why do I have a problem with TMZ? Well, besides the fact that I feel they are the modern day one stop shop for the most ridiculous sensational news in the U.S., they report on events that are better left untouched. This supposed Tupac sighting is one of them.

For years following Tupac's demise, people have been spreading tales that he is still roaming the face of the earth. I have heard everything from he is in Chicago somewhere raising a family to he's in Africa living as a sheep herder and they get even more ridiculous than that.

These pics released by the site implying that Pac was photoed at a club in New Orleans is just plain low. The man has passed away and this, in my opinion, is a slap in the face of his family especially his mother who is still mourning the lost of her son.

It's great that Tupac's spirit still lives on so much so that people have a hard time believing that he is gone but this is just pure and utter nonsense. I didn't think TMZ could get any lower than plastering Rihanna's bruised and battered face on their website after paying off an officer to illegally release the photo, but yet again they have proven me wrong. Tis' is a shame.

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