Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music Rumors: Danity Kane set to make new album WITHOUT Diddy?!

Word around the net is that Danity Kane aren't really broken up. In fact, they are said to be working on a new album titled From The Ashes, secretly though. According to reports, the VISA MYPLASH (a sponsor of the group) posted information on their website that stated that the girl-group were in the studio working on the tentatively titled album.

As of right now there is no word on whether this is true or not but once gums start flapping I'll pass info along.

If this is true, I will have immense respect for the group for being the only act to have cojones (figuratively) to survive after dealing with Bad Boy Records because y'all already know. The season finale of Making The Band 4 premiere's tonight on MTV and you don't want to miss it; apparently all of the members of Danity Kane will be appearing on the show. We'll see....

{Spotted at-Ace Show Biz}

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