Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music Rumors: The Beyonce audio is a fake and Matthew is P.O.'ed

In case you missed it, there is audio going around that is supposedly of Beyonce singing horridly that's got everyone buzzing. Problem is, the audio is a fake; here's how it all started. Howard Stern got a hold of some audio that was posted on the worst website to site as a source, TMZ, and decided to share it with his listeners. The audio has now spread all across the Internet like spilled milk on a glass table.

The audio is supposed to be of a performance done by Beyonce on the Today Show last year autumn; you know, the one where she wore that tight little number in the picture above. Howard Stern was not aware of this revelation and went ahead and posted it up in hopes of "exposing" Beyonce. Well, Papa Knowles being the stage dad that he is (which is border line soccer mom), was not too pleased with the website (TMZ) and others with trying to tarnish his baby girl's name and talent and took to his e-mail to give the site a piece of his mind,

"If no one took the time to look at the biggest Inauguration in the history of America then shame on them.

If no one took the time to listen to Beyonce sing 'America the Beautiful' and 'At Last' at the Neighborhood Ball for the first dance of President Obama and the First Lady, and they question Beyonce's vocal ability, they've gotta be an idiot.

At 12 years into her career, the last thing someone should be questioning is her vocal ability.

That would be like questioning if Kobe Bryant could shoot a jump shot. The vocals were obviously altered."
-via TMZ.
I just knew her performance for Obama would be used to make a point some day ~que eye roll~.TMZ of course later retracted the claim that the audio was real after Matty's letter and the person behind the skewed audio came forward.

The person that decided to mess with her audio didn't even expect for it to go this far; they just did it for sh*ts and giggles. The audio actually premiered on You Tube last year. I remember watching it on the person's channel as well as on a site that was running at the time that was pretty much based on hating on Beyonce; so imagine how hard I laughed when I realized people thought that the audio was of her actual singing, but I digress.

The thing that made me shake my head was how the media went crazy over the thought that Beyonce had finally fallen from grace. It was like the sun had come out on a very rainy and dreary day. I am actually starting to feel sorry for Beyonce. Looks like her love affair with the media has ended. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

Update: Beyonce responded to the fake audio yesterday (04.22),

"Of course I'm just hearing about this today — and I haven't heard it but
it sounds completely ridiculous," Beyoncé said at the junket for her forthcoming
film "Obsessed." "Every one's heard me sing and it's perfect timing, actually,
because I'll be on the 'Today' show tomorrow singing 'Halo,' or tonight you can
watch me sing live on David Letterman! It's perfect promotion, whoever came up
with that idea."-
via MTV.

Yeah we know Bey, you don't know anything about the Internet or social networking sites, you just like to carry your Apple laptop with you everywhere you go because it's shiny.

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