Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ciara: "Men are intimidated by my height"

Ciara seems to think so. She says that it is hard for her to find a man that is able to get past her height or at least approach her because her height somehow makes them nervous.

Ciara who stands at a modelesque height of 5ft 9in, believes that she towers over most men she comes across,

"Some guys are nervous about speaking to me. Maybe it's because I'm five foot nine-and-a-half. Since I've been doing music I don't really get asked out much".-via WENN
I'm sure there are oodles and oodles of men out there that would beg to differ with you little lady. In fact I guarantee you right this moment, there is a man self-pleasing himself with a little help from one of your pictures so quit complaining. You cute girls and your insecurities, tsk.

Plus, maybe the reason why you don't get asked out is because you are rumored to be goody goody with 50 Cent, I doubt anyone wants to step on his toes.

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