Sunday, April 5, 2009

Album Covers: Ciara-Fantasy Ride

Ciara has changed up her album cover art to reveal her alter ego..Super C. The above is the Deluxe Edition album cover and the one below is the Standard.

I'm feeling it a lot. I have a thing for comic's and although the whole alter ego idea has been played out to the fullest and up most extent, I think that Ciara is thinking out the box for the album cover and is taking the alter ego steez to a different level. I would put some stud earrings on her and would've made her into a full blown cartoon caracter, but the album cover art is official and hot nonetheless.

Here is what Ciara had to say about her alter ego Super C,

"The Fantasy Ride standard and deluxe covers have changed
to an image of Super C. "Super C is my super hero name," explains Ciara." It's who I am. It's the inner strength and drive that enables me to overcome any obstacles and who I have to be in order to accomplish my dreams and survive in this tough world."
The limited edition of Fantasy Ride will include a bonus DVD with over 50 minutes of behind the scenes footage plus 3 music videos. Fantasy Ride has a new release date of May 5, 2009.

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