Monday, February 9, 2009

Update: Rihanna's NOT pressing charges

The web has been going crazy with rumors swarming about the debacle between Chris Brown and Rihanna. I have heard everything from Rihanna being in a car accident to Chris punching Rihanna for giving him herpes *que eye roll*.

The truth, Rihanna has been identified as the woman that was assaulted by Chris Brown. Apparently this has something to do with their recent break-up. Rihanna was not the one that contacted the authorities after the event, a bystander did. After all that went down Rihanna has decided to cease any cooperation with the LAPD and has refused to press charges against Chris Brown, not that that will help.

I have to express my disgust with some media outlets. Starting the rumor that Chris punched Rihanna because she gave him herpes is absolutely ridiculous and defaming. I was listening to the Ed Lover Show, a radio show based here in NYC this morning and he [Ed] had a little skit called "The 10 Reasons Why Chris Whipped Rihanna's Ass"; not funny at all and highly inappropriate.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue and should not be viewed as a laughing matter. Personally, I was a little hesitant reporting on this event because it slips into the gossip realm of blogging and that's not my thing, I prefer to read it not report it; But because it was in connection with the Grammy Awards and their anticipated performances, I felt the need to report.

I may joke a lot and make sting witted remarks, but this right here is a very serious situation and needs to be viewed as such.
Update: According to, the LA Times are reporting that Rihanna is in fact cooperating with the LAPD to press charges against Chris. He is reportedly no longer in LA. He is said to have flown to the East Coast. Rihanna is said to be on her way to Barbados which is the best thing right now. Keep in mind folks that at this time, these are all considered to be rumors (in my opinion) until both parties' reps confirm any information. All of this is coming from "reliable sources".
My overall take on this remains the same and I must also add that this was an overall recipe for disaster, because it is also being said that the couple broke up week's ago and were forced to act like they were a peachy couple for the camera's.
By the end of the day, Chris and Rihanna are young adults with money, lack of life experience, and had very little supervision; a very bad combination. Either way, even young adults must know right from wrong. I wish the best for both of them and hope that their careers can survive this life changing event.

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