Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ol' School vs. New School

In this edition of Ol' School vs. New School, we introduce the drama that is Etta James pissy over Beyonce singing "At Last"; a song made popular by the outspoken Etta but was sung by Beyonce at the Neighborhood Ball for Obama's inauguration during he and Michelle's first dance. Here are Etta's thoughts,

"You guys know your president, right? You know the one with the big ears? Wait a minute, he ain’t my president, he might be yours, he ain’t my president. You know that woman he had singing for him, singing my song. She’s going to get her ass whooped. The Great Beyonce. I can’t stand Beyonce. She has no business sitting up there on a big ole’ president day, singing my song that I’ve been singing forever."

Some one is bugging! Although I get what Etta was trying to say she really could have expressed herself in a classier way. Beyonce sang a song that was made popular by her, but you didn't write it Etta!

Granted the song should have been kept within professional boundaries ie. Cadillac Records and all things associated with Cadillac Records, it was done and it's over with. And you carrying on like this is a really bad look. Besides, didn't you insist on Bey playing you in Cadillac Records?! I'm so confused. Poor ol' Beyonce, can't catch a break any where huh! And Etta I hope you know that the Beyonce and Obama stans are gonna get you for this. Diva's and drama go hand and hand like...


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