Monday, January 12, 2009

Lil Kim gears up for new album

Right off of the heels of Chuck D verbally showing his discontent for the lack of women in hip hop, Lil Kim reveals that she is ready to head back in the studio to rock the mic.

Check out what Kim had to say about the album to MTV,

I'm getting ready to come with a whole new flavor, a whole new style. And I don't care what nobody says, I'm not gonna let anyone pigeonhole me. This is what it is. I'm coming with it. I got to hang in there with the fellas. The only way to hang in there with the fellas is to be able to do what the fellas do. And with Lil Wayne singing and rapping, T-Pain singing and rapping, and everybody singing and rapping, somebody got to represent for my laaaaaaadies.

Good for her! Despite what many might say, whether she writes her songs or not (even though its been proven that she doesn't) I love Kim's voice on a track. Now as far as the singing goes, I am not looking forward to that. Why does every hip hop artist want to sing now?!...leave that to the singer's geez...

Side Order: So I hear Kim is really ticked off with the way she is portrayed in the Biggie biopic (due in theaters this Friday!). She feels like she was portrayed as a "jump-off" that in her words "f*cked for tracks".

Hmmmm...OK. Ummm Kim if we left it up to you, you would have probably painted a fantasy picture of you and Big riding out into the sunset taking on the world like Bonnie and Clyde... and we all know that didn't quit trippin'.

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