Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rihanna's new album...


Well it actually is not a new album it is the re re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad. I have never in my life seen an artist ride on the curtails of one album's success the way Rihanna has. Seriously, how many times are her fans going to buy this one damn album?!

She's released over 7 songs on the album and has recorded and released 3 more singles and has renamed her album twice already! Come on, enough is enough. I know we are in love with fame and attention but eventually we are going to have to work Rihanna!

I thought I was in Groundhogs Day when I saw her promotional commercial for this same album that came out a year ago by the way. But then there was a pic of her album cover art that surfaced over the Internet...ridiculously incredible I tell you.

Well if you are in the minority and don't mind buying Good Girl Gone Bad, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, and Good Girl Gone Bad: Remixed *catching breath* than the album hits stores again January 27th 2009. Enjoy...again.

Side Order: Is it me or are her albums reminiscent of the Matrix trilogy?!

Here is one of the songs that will appear on Rihanna's album, its called Rehab

Rehab - Rihanna

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