Friday, December 26, 2008

Another film for Bey?

Reportedly, director Sherwood Schwartz and son Lloyd Schwartz have signed a deal to bring the legendary Gilligan's Island to the silver screen and has an eye pointing towards Beyonce to play the glamorous and demanding Ginger. I haven't seen Cadallac Records as of yet but people's opinions are very mixed.

Some say she sucked and others say she did a great job, I'll have to judge for myself. I am all for Beyonce doing actual movies and not musovies as I call it which stands for movies that are based on music or music where singer/actors have to sing; that gets old real quick

Either way, congrats to her! But be warned the girl will soon pass out from all the work she does...I wonder if she will go for the Wonder Woman role too?!

Side Order: Speaking of singers and movies, RZA is interested in Rihanna playing Vanity in the remake of The Last Dragon.


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